Anthony's CSS Slideshow

  • Garden Entrance

    Garden Entrance

  • Fall Display

    Fall Display

  • Garden Path

    Garden Path

  • Rose


  • Roses


  • Tropical Garden

    Tropical Garden

  • Deset Garden

    Desert Garden

  • Pumpkin Display

    Pumpkin Display

  • Japanese Garden Pond

    Japanese Garden Pond

  • Pond Waterfall

    Pond Waterfall

The process and code used to create this slide were obtained from A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow using
the CSS3 transition, animation, and keyframes properties. While the images are part of an unordered list, the
CSS code limits the page to only displaying one line item at a time. Using animation and keyframes
properties, the page trasitions between each line item.

Mattson, Anthony (Photographer). (2017). ABQ BioPart Botanic Garden Visit. Retrieved from personal collection